Student Co-Chairs

The Gender and Policy Network has a growing and active membership of students, alumni, practitioners, and faculty. These pages will list our membership rosters and, when available, provide links to short biographies and contact information.

Francisca Vidal
2018-19 GPN Co-Chair

Francisca Vidal was born and raised in Santiago de Chile. She studied industrial engineering and earned a Master in Management and Public Policy at Universidad de Chile. Upon graduation, she started working at the Center for Public Systems, a research center focused on the improvement of management capabilities of the Chilean…

Paloma Bellatin
2018-19 GPN Co-Chair

Paloma Bellatin was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She studied political science and interned at the think tank GRADE on projects related to segregation, gender and violence in rural areas. After graduating top of her class, she worked in the Social Protection Division of the FAO-UN Rome headquarters on policy support regarding…