Statement of Ethical Concern Regarding Web Postings to Perspectives from the Field

The Gender and Development Policy Network requires that all contributions to the Perspectives from the Field page adhere to university ethics standards with regard to protection of human subjects. This means that any photographs where the faces of individuals are identifiable cannot be posted until each person in the photograph has given informed consent to the posting of their photograph on the Perspectives from the Field web page. Further, reference to real names in the text of the contribution can only be used when the individual has given informed consent to the use of their names for publication on the Perspectives from the Field web page. Otherwise, the editors of the Perspectives from the Field page suggest that pseudonyms or general pronouns or descriptors be used to describe individuals.

Protection of human subjects, people, is of growing concern across a wide variety of institutions from academic, policy, scientific, non-profit groups, and government agencies. Increasing availability of information technologies and accessibility to the worldwide web raise particular concerns about protecting vital and private information about individuals. All individuals have a right to informed consent under universal declarations of codes of conduct and human rights. In the case of people living in contexts of little civil legal protection or in contexts of great uncertainty, extra steps must be taken to ensure that the worldwide sharing of information about their lives does not jeopardize their safety and livelihoods.